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Crossfit Pound Forging Elite Fitness

Located conveniently at
Miramichi City Limits!
4 MicMac Road

Eel Ground, NB

Eagle Athletic Performance Complex, better known as “The POUND” in Eel Ground First Nation, strives to be the premier Fat Loss Fitness Facility in Atlantic Canada. The POUND uses the latest hybrid training methods, top of the line equipment, and nutritional strategies to make Miramichi lean, strong, and fast.

The POUND was first established in March 2009 by trainer Brad MacMillan, a retired RCMP officer.  It began with a bootcamp style training program that was offered at noon to a small group of people. Within a few short months the popularity of the program increased and the group expanded to the point that additional sessions were required at 6am, 6pm & 8pm to meet the needs of the clientele which includes RCMP, Correctional Officers, EMTs, teachers, nurses, athletes and many others. Today there are 10 sessions per day at 5:45am, 6:45am, 8am, 9am,12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm on weekdays and 5 sessions on the weekends. This great schedule ensures that everyone has the time to POUND everday!!

In a modest building that was once an automotive garage clients used a wide variety of equipment: Russian kettle bells, ropes, prowlers, and dumbbells coupled with body weight exercises that provide a fast paced, intense workout.  You will not find treadmills or machines at this facility because they are not optimal for fat loss and muscle gain.

In March 2012 the facility expanded and moved from the garage to its own larger 3000 sq ft. complex in order to handle the influx of new members eager to get into the best shape of their lives with the most unique and exciting ways to build the most muscle and lose the most bodyfat. The POUND is also home to New Brunswick first and only INBODY 230 Bodyfat analysis machine, in less than 60 seconds you can find out exactly how much bodyfat and muscle you have.

The POUND then expanded again, adding another 2400 sq ft extension and getting even more amazing fat loss/muscle building equipment. The new expansion was ready in March 2013!

And last but not least, The POUND is now an official CrossFit Affiliate!!!  We have transformed our old garage into a CrossFit box perfect to get your sweat dripping.  And it doesn’t stop there!  More expansions, more merchandise, more challenges and tons of support from the Pound family! 

We also offer CrossFit Kids!!

For more information on what CrossFit Kids is all about visit www.crossfitkids.com

GET READY to get into the best shape of your life………………POUND IT………..you won’t regret it!

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  1. Vienna Sanipass says:

    Best weight loss training, and the schedules fit my schedule, oelalin, thank you; Brad MacMillan ~

  2. Jake McEvoy says:

    Hey I was wondering how to sign up?

  3. Helen Ward-Wakelin says:

    This is the best gym in the Atlantic!

  4. Natalie Cable says:

    What is your email contact info?

  5. Sonia Hanson says:

    Hi, I’ll be in the Miramichi the week of July 1st. I typically workout at Crossfit in Quispamsis. Would it be possible to drop in for a workout while I’m visiting?

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